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The Academy self defense Jeet Kune Do
"...Someone who truly knows and understands the system at this level is rare enough, finding someone with that knowledge who will also teach it, is next to impossible...looks like you are one of the few!"

YouTube comment by George C

The Academy self defense Jeet Kune Do

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"Brilliant! I never realized the importance of footwork. I took ten years of Kenpo Karate, sparred a lot, yet never realized the value of lateral movement. I'm sure my instructors told me to circle my opponent, but the way you explain it helps it sink in."

´╗┐YouTube comment by Oniweeki

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The Academy's systematic teaching, functional drills, and time-tested training methods will help you develop real skills that you know you can trust. Avoid the trial and error of looking for the perfect martial arts school. Enroll and get started today.

The Academy self defense Jeet Kune Do

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