Learn Essential Self Defense Skills

Must-have knowledge for anyone who is serious about self defense.

Learn weapons skills that can make you a hard target.

Develop simple and reliable combat skill with one of today's most common weapons - the tactical folding knife.

Develop Modern Weapons Skills That You Can Trust

Learn to defend yourself with an easy to find weapon in our modern era

Straight forward, no-nonsense approach to knife fighting that anyone can learn.

Don't have previous martial arts training? No problem! Learn the skills you need from the ground up.

A Must-Have For Any Real World Self Defender

Gain the essential self defense weapons skills needed to keep yourself safe.

Great for defending against a larger, stronger attacker.

Give yourself the upper hand in any street situation.

Taught By Sifu Jason Korol

2nd Generation Jeet Kune Do student.

"Senior Instructor" through Efficient Warrior Wing Chun.

Author of several books and articles on Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun.

Featured in Empire Media's "Mastering Wing Chun" series.

Regular Columnist for Wing Chun Illustrated.

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